Hi, I'm Edward

Welcome at Egarts, a design studio focusing on graphic design and product design.

Design of a logo, housing style and packaging graphics for a new brand of hearing care accessoires.
Bang & Olufsen Plus
"Moving Sound - the future of sound in cars" - that's the title of my graduation project, in which I tried to figure out the future of sound in cars for Bang&Olufsen.
Philips Pure
Concept- and embodiment design for a vacuum cleaner and air purifier in one for Philips.
Lighting Design for Schiphol
Project done for the Lighting Design elective. Amsterdam Schiphol airport is changing fast and the place where people check in, get a security check and check in their luggage needed a rethink. Our team came up with a vision of connecting all the different stops together using lighting.
A Currency for Charity
Full elaboration of a project done for the Vision in Product Design elective for IFAW. The VIP approach resulted in something completely different then one might expect when designing for an animal-welfare charitative organization.
3D-printed Micro Helicopter
Small project for the TUDelft elective Modelling and Prototyping of Free Form Shapes. A new body for a RF-controlled micro helicopter was designed using the t-splines plugin for Rhinoceros. The design contained integrated wheels and an rotatable light fitting. The final design was 3D-printed and assembled. Main goals were getting used to new 3D-software, understanding surface continuity and getting familiar with 3D-printing.
The Wood Glue Issue
The complete process of redesigning of the Bison Wood Glue bottle
TTP42: Magazine Layout Work
Magazine layout design, mainly for TTP Magazine.
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