The concept
Imagine a future where you could consume feel-good like a snack. If you ever feel bad, you perform a small act of kindness, an act of altruism. IFAW is one party that has great ‚feel-good snacks. The main challenge is how to offer them properly.
I came up with the idea of Carma Coins. A new currency of do-good. Fast, easy and directed. It comes with a whole new giving experience, where users can buy prepaid do-good-coins. Or give it away to each other. Or get them rewarded offline by companies. The possibilities are endless
After retrieving Carma Coins, you can pledge anytime. The application behind the currency has a kickstarter-like experience, where users are able to pledge directly to the project they care about. This gets IFAW out of the system and connects the user with the actual animals and their rescuers.
Carma coins makes acting against animal cruelty easier, smaller and more directed.
Image courtesy: (iPhone and iMac), (animal pictures)
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