I've been looking changes in the automotive world and how those changes influence behavior and needs inside cars. After having mapped out four different types of behavior people show inside the car of the future, every 'behavior type' was given its own 'soundscape'. After that, a revolutionary technology was found that is able to support every soundscape and a working prototype was built and tested with users. In the end, an appropriate product (B&O Plus) was designed and worked out regarding working principles, form, aesthetics, production and materials.
My MSc graduation project is my biggest and most intensive project yet. It started with an open assignment: design the future of automotive sound. After months of research, I came up with a model how people behave in the car of the future. Then, I designed a product for this future. Enjoy!
Please note: this project is not affiliated with Bang & Olufsen and does not represent the future vision of the company.
Client: Bang & Olufsen Automotive / Special thanks to prof. ir. M. van Dijk, dr. R. van Egmond and M. Venge / Date: August 2015 - August 2016 / Grade: 85/100
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