My MSc graduation project is my biggest and most intensive project yet. It started with an open assignment: design the future of automotive sound. After months of research, I came up with a model how people behave in the car of the future. Then, I designed a product for this future. Enjoy!
It all started with research. The automotive world changes, now, faster than ever. But how does a change like the self-driving car influence behavior and needs inside the car? How does that influence your needs from the sound system? Based on the VIP-approach and after talking with numerous stakeholders, I identified two important choices people have to make inside (what I believe will be) the car of the future. Those two choices mean four 'behavior types', which I all gave its own 'soundscape'. 
After that, a revolutionary technology was found that is able to support every soundscape and a working prototype was built and tested with users. In the end, an appropriate product (B&O Plus) was designed and worked out regarding working principles, form, aesthetics, production and materials.
Client: Bang & Olufsen Automotive / Special thanks to prof. ir. M. van Dijk, dr. R. van Egmond and M. Venge / Date: August 2015 - August 2016 / Grade: 85/100
Please note: this project is not affiliated with Bang & Olufsen and does not represent the future vision of the company.
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