Philips Pure

Concept- and embodiment design for a vacuum cleaner and air purifier in one for Philips.

Industrial DesignProduct Design
"Design an appliance that combines the properties of a vacuum cleaner and an air purifier" - this assignment that was given to a project team of six people resulted in the Philips Pure. A handheld, battery powered vacuum cleaner that cleans the air when it's docked and makes clever use of the parts that products have in common.

This project was part of the Advanced Embodiment Design Master's course at the Industrial Design Engineering Faculty Delft. Although the project was carried out for Philips, Philips is not responsible for any of the statements below. This project was team effort. Other group members were Robin AbspoelVincent van Berchum, Wouter van den Eijnde, Sander Fennema and Verena Vermeulen.

Watch a final movie about this project:
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